Monday, January 26, 2009

Pink Bubbles and Light, oh my...

I happen to have been given a book recently for women entrepreneurs.  I got to page 15 and about fell out of my chair.  This is what it said:

Imagine and place the person who upset you inside a bubble.  Surround the bubble with pink light and send the bubble off with love.

This is business advice for women?  It makes me want to write a book- a real one.  I hope no one actually buys this one, well unless you need a good laugh.

More melancholy songs (blame the winter), and more work to do, but with updates coming soon, so stay tuned!!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

My Inbox is empty!

I actually answered every single one of my emails and there is NOTHING in my inbox (at least until I check it again, lol!).  Its a nice feeling...  I hate to blog without a picture, so here's one, just for kicks:

There's nothing significant about it, just one of  purses I made last month, but it does bring up the point that I haven't added to the flickr gallery in a LONG time...

So here's my to do list before Feb 1st:

Update Flickr Gallery
Do Taxes
Update Website and Blog

Seems easy enough....yeah right!

Hope everyone else is having a good 2009.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making time in 2009...

Time for the obligatory new year's post, complete with resolutions, lol!

I'm not really feeling that energized at the moment, but I know it will come, and its important to write down my goals for the year, to keep me honest, so to speak, so here goes... (I don't promise that they won't be boring):

1. No more sodas.2. Break out the Wii fit!

3. Scheduled days- a set schedule for the work week- office hours, emails, home preschool, naps, play time, etc.

4. Smartly expand the business. Lots to improve, lots to update, lots of new things to come, but I can't give away too much...

Okay, that's about it. I told you it would be boring! I have much house cleaning and organizing to do this weekend....