Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"today was my second day of being five..."

That is what my beautiful baby girl explained to me today (one day after her birthday).  Isn't that wonderful?  This is how she looked 5 years ago, when we brought her home from the hospital:

What a cutie!!!

We are all still sick here (I spoke much to soon in saying that we were well, lol), and I feel as if I have been cursed here as far as anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong these last few weeks- trying to remedy all that this evening, if I don't go crazy first.  Not much else to post, just trying not to make it seem like I've fallen off the face of the earth- I'm still here....working.

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Anonymous said...

"My second day of being five" lol that is just too cute. I love what kids come up with. Mine are always catching me off guard and saying the greatest things. I hope you all finally kick that icky bug soon! I know how it is, one gets sick we ALL get it and just keep passing it around, lysol becomes my best friend during those times lol! Get well soon!!