Sunday, July 19, 2009

So many emails, so little time...

This post is more than anything, just to let you all know that I am still here, working, lol. I am actually completely caught up on orders, but unfortunately, not completely caught up on emails. I hope to remedy that in the morning though.

In other news, we are t-minus 19 days and counting until Sydney starts Kindergarten!

I took her school shopping, and I would pick something out only to have her look at me, sigh, and say "But, momma, that's so boring". She has very colorful taste. (And I did, for the most part, let her pick out what she wanted.)

My mom is coming again next week to help me out, so I'm very excited to hopefully be able to actually be able to report on some new things we get done, instead of constantly reporting that I'm "almost caught up" with stuff that should have been done last week.

And just in case any one was wondering, the song selections (other than the musicals) are usually just whatever I happen to have heard on the radio recently, lol, there's really not some deep meaning to the choice of song, nor is it meant to necessarily compliment the post. (I'm probably going to do away with the music altogether when "work on blog" comes up on my To Do list.)

I heard "Small Town Saturday Night on the radio this weekend as I was out grocery shopping. I always loved the line:

"Lucy, you know, the world must be flat...
'cause when people leave town, they never come back."

(my hometown)

LOL, life in small town, USA- gotta love it!

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dashabelle said...

Couldn't you have found a better picture? What about all those beautiful home on Crockett St or the part of Downtown thats been updated?