Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have grand illusions (delusions) about being a blogger, but I just haven't gotten into the groove of yet, ya know, posting something every three weeks and all...Oh well, to those of you reading, my apologies for the sparce-ness of posts, and here's one to catch you up! (in no particular order)

Sophie's hair is now long enough for pig tails:

We did a custom order this week for paperback book covers (a la Vera Bradley). I think that they turned out great:

However, this lead to the conversation about how I just don't "get" the whole Vera Bradley trend (when my Mom first pointed them out to me in Ohio, in all seriousness, I thought it was an Amish thing). Is it just a southern thing? Because here, they are EXTREMELY popular, and I mean with everybody- grade schoolers through Grandma. So I went to the local store to try and wrap my brain around the whole vibe:

Then it started raining, ya know, because no one ever tells you, but it rains in Alabama like it does in a rainforest. So I'm stuck in the this store, surrounded by all these bags, and I'm just still not getting it. So someone, please help me out here- explain it too me, or at least tell me that I'm not alone in not feeling the whole quilted paisly look.

We went school supply shopping:

Slightly amused that they tell you what brands to buy (Play Dough NOT Rose art!), but its all right, we are all stocked up!

Sydney started Kindergarten, and thinks it's "great":

I'm sad that she's growing up, but also happy that she's enjoying school and making new friends.

I also celebrated a birthday during my blogging hiatus. My present? New iphone 3G-S:

Anybody know what you do with your old iphone when you get a new one?

I guess that's about it. Lots going on with Hero On My Arm, keeping me busy, but never fear, I have great blogging plans, I just have to get that far down on my to do list. Someday.

Happy August, with your suck-y birthstone and all!


Anonymous said...

My granddaughters are GORGEOUS!!! Give your old iphone to your mother :)

Philopolis said...

I think you are a GREAT blogger, you keep things interesting!! Vera, Vara whatever, yeah I go to the PX and those freakin quilted bags are everywhere and cost over $100!! And my Birthday is next Thursday....I love our birthstone!! Maybe becuase green is my favorite color..LOL

Seneca said...

Anon (Mom)- you know the button at the top on the phone doesn't work, right?

Seneca said...

Happy early birthday Tiffany!

Amy M said...

I think you are a great blogger. And, I hope to see some of these new things in my supply to sell at shows.

Seneca said...

Ah, thanks, you guys are so sweet, I love you!