Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

I just love that it is getting cooler. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are my FAVORITE holidays, so this is my favorite time of the year!

We also celebrated Sophie's 3rd birthday!

We are booked solid this entire month with "fall" activities. There's a pumpkin decorating contest, a fall party (must make fall themed refreshments), a fall festival (where Sydney's class is charge of the cake walk, so we must make a fall themed cake), a fall class field trip to pick pumpkins and sunflowers, and the Moonlit Hayride at the Equestrian Center. Oh, and then the actual trick or treating, too!

There is a slight problem. Everything is "fall" themed at school, and not Halloween themed, I guess so as not to offend anyone, but Halloween is so much fun! And the best part- Halloween costumes, yes? Uh, no. There are to be no Halloween costumes. :(

I'm one of those mom's that goes WAY overboard with Halloween costumes, case in point:

So this is a huge bummer. Instead, October 30th is "50's Day" at school. Well, at least Sydney's going to have the poofiest poodle skirt in all of K5!

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The Mrs. said...

I just got saw your comments on my page and was trying to find an email address to email a reply to you. Can you be reached at the address on the hero on my arm page? You make some valid points but I just wanted to answer a point or two, respectfully so. (I promise suck it wont appear anywhere in an email!)

Seneca said...

I can be reached at


Star Henderson said...

The schools in our area have taken to doing a book parade. On Halloween or very near it the kids can dress up as their favorite book character. I thought that was a nice compromise.

I can see where if you like making costumes, not having something at school could be a bit disappointing.