Friday, February 11, 2011

Ups and Downs...

What a year 2011 has been already! So I thought I was headed in one direction with the business, but now a tiny clause in a lease contract has me back tracking a bit. So I guess I'm back where I started, you could say. Problem is, where I started was at a crossroads, lol. I need a new path to trod down, and my GPS seems to malfunctioning, lol.

Geesh, is that cryptic enough for you? Sorry, don't mean for it to be, honest. Basically, I was subletting space that it turns out, can't be subletted. It was an honest mistake, but it sucks. I can't sign a long term lease somewhere because we still don't know what the Army is going to do with us for sure. Its a viscous circle, and I'm smack dab in the middle of it.

{Small side rant on the definition of Army Wife Entrepreneur- I'll write this rant another day, and link it back here}

Weird thing is, I'm not panicking or having a breakdown (yet), just trying to think through all my options. More carefully this time. Any angel investors or millionaires reading this? No? Yeah, didn't think so. Its okay, I'll figure it out!

Aside from that, I actually had good news. There was a business program I wanted to participate in last year, but it was 1200 miles away, and logistically, I just couldn't make it work. Turns out they are going to be offering again in 11 months, and this one? Only 110 miles away from me!!! Its a ways off still, but I couldn't be more thrilled.

Tomorrow I indulge in a little retail therapy. Our small town 30 minutes away from the smaller town where I live just opened a Hobby Lobby, so I am heading that way, 40% off coupon in hand. I will also be trading in one of the girls old car seats at the BRU great trade in event to get JD this new ride and pick up a baby shower gift. And since I am still wearing all my maternity clothes (even though they don't fit and the baby is 9 months old), I have promised my husband I will look for some new clothes, too. Oh, and Starbucks, there will definitely be some Starbucks in there, too.


hoosiergirl said...

Keep hanging in there! Nothing happens by chance, there are reasons, sounds cliche and nothing you probably haven't already heard :)

My husband has three more years to retire active duty AF. We are in the "Oh no, what do we do after high school" phase ;) He started his own business last year...been an up and down ride, but we know in this economy it is the only way to succeed for our future...

Anyway, my hub is a born Texan bit grew up in OK...(his first tour was England) He has successfully converted us to diehard SOONER football fans ;) But that's ok, I am "Hossierizing" (my special word) to Indiana ;)

Good luck and God bless!

Seneca said...

Thanks so much for your comment! This was great to go back and read my post again, because its been exactly a year since I wrote it. In that time, the Army medically retired my husband, and we've moved from Alabama to Oklahoma. BOOMER SOONER! And I have a beautiful little studio space in a quaint old downtown, right on Main Street- its lovely! And that business program I was so excited about doing, I am actually going to it, classes start next week, and the on campus portion is next month. Of coarse, the irony of that now, is that since we're no longer in Alabama, now I still have to fly half way across the country to get there, lol. Oh my blog, I should write more!

Very nice to "meet" you :)