Friday, June 20, 2008

Cleaning House...or Computer

I had set this week aside to get a lot of non-sewing related tasks done, like starting this blog, going through all my pictures, updating my website, etc. But since it is already Friday night, and I am just now getting to the blog, well, you can tell how well that plan went! I will be organizing all of my photographs tommorrow, and will be getting to the all important website updates on Monday, but this also means I had all week to think about what I wanted to post here, hence all the random thoughts I am in the process of posting, lol. Just in case you were wondering...

One of the things that I did get finished already was to clean out the bookmarks on my internet browser. I am a bookmark junkie- I had over 500. The problem is, of coarse, that bookmarks are supposed to make things easier to find, but not when you have so many. So I deleted away! It was a little bit sad, because I had the best of intentions about reading some of them later, but I have to be honest with myself and admit that I just don't have the time.

So here they are, my new, fewer bookmarks (maybe you'll find something interesting to add to your bookmark list!):

First, the basic stuff:
the business blog, my eBay store and my website admin page.

I don't get to read a lot of other blogs, but the ones I have bookmarked are:

1. fabric designers, Anna Marie Horner and Heather Bailey

I love reading the blogs from these super creative women, and the photography is beautiful, too.

2. military spouse blogs from Army Wife Talk Radio and Spouse Buzz

I'll admit, I read these to try and stay "in the loop", but honestly, since they both employ multiple blog writers, I find it hard to stay interested and follow, since each post is written by a different spouse.

3. A few other military spouse entrepreneurs, and

I got to see Joyful Abode at the Piney Woods Arts Festival this March, and I just love their vintage stuff (plus Mona got to chat with them and said they were SUPER nice). I just love their tag line too- Domesticity by Trial and Error
I love looking at Tia's quilted creations, they are beautiful art pieces. And I just discovered the Paisley Palmetto, I was so excited to read about speech recognition software that she uses, I can't wait to get some too!

4. And a few left overs from my days as an eBay designer and

The first one is a snapshot of the "custom boutique" world on eBay where I was born as a designer, and the second is a former eBay designer turned photographer, who takes amazing pictures.

So there it is, a peak into my computer!

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