Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hosting photos

So updating my photos was on my "to-do" list today...

This is a pain to me, because everyone I see lately is using flicker , but its not a photo hosting site, its a photo sharing site. For photo hosting, you have to either use your own website, or you can use a site like Photobucket, which is what I have been using. Since I had my ebay store before my website, I have LOTS of pictures hosted on photobucket. Moving them, or renaming them, breaks the links to them that you have anywhere else (like on eBay or Etsy), so basically it would be one big HUGE mess to even try. So in the end, I just decided to start a flicker account and put copies of all my pictures there. Well, not all, but most all. It isn't perfect, I think a few of the pictures might be on there twice, and the clothes aren't in the best order, but it will do for now.

Here they are, all 662 of them:

I set up 3 collections, the first has all our Hero On My Arm items, the second has Polka dot Door Boutique Clothing, and the last one has shopping cart covers, graphic designs and personal photos.


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