Friday, September 19, 2008

One more post and I am outta here...

...but just for a week, lol!

I'll be away from the office starting tomorrow, through September 29th, so this is my very last post until then. Of coarse I have more pictures to share!

This first one is for all my sale reps (I love you guys!) so you can see that Lindsay is working on your swatch rings as we speak:

So sometimes you just can't know when inspiration will hit, or where it will come from. My latest inspiration was this newly arrived Michael Miller print. It inspired this adorable drawstring bag (which I am LOVE with),

I snuck it inside this wristlet, its like a colorful surprise as you reach for your phone...

And I used it to spice up our CLAUDIA bag, too:

And the best part is- I still have some left over!!

So I will leave you all with a question. What do you think of the label on the outside:

I always put them on the inside, I think they are less obtrusive (so maybe I'm answering my own question, lol), but what do you think???

Have a great weekend, and good night!

1 comment:

C. Tierney said...

Yay swatches! I think the label on the outside looks ok to me, it's a good size and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb lol! I can't wait to order one of the new Claudia bags, the drawstring bag is so cute and my daughter is going to want one, and I looove the Michael Miller fabric. Great job girl!