Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Pictures

I can never read blogs without pictures, so I always try and take pictures with the intent that I'll add them to my blog later- problem is, I'm not the best photographer, so the pictures never turn out as fabulous as they are in my head, or like they are on other blogs. Oh well. Here's a few I found when I was cleaning out my camera (I also posted some new purse pictures on the business blog):

This is half of my sewing studio, the machines are on the other half! My desk (with trusty HUGS bear for inspiration), my cutting table and my design boards.

This is Sydney, Sophie and Steven making waffles just after we moved in. We got one of those restaurant style waffle makers and went a little crazy- we had waffles every morning for a week!

So obviously, these aren't in order, lol. I snapped this the morning that we were moving into the new house. I'm in love with all of my windows...

This one made me smile when I found it. Sydney, Sophie and our friend, Hunter, at the strawberry patch from earlier in the summer. We try to embrace wherever the Army sends us (instead of complaining about it- what can you do about it after all?), and this was a fabulous find recommended to us my Hunter's mom- a farmer's market, fruit orchard and strawberry patch, where you can actually go and pick your own berries. It was tons of fun and hopefully a great memory for the girls.

That's all I have for now. Sophie's birthday is next week, so I'll have lots more pictures to share. I really should take a photography class!

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