Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where I Wish I Was...

Was everyone at the Houston International Quilt Market??? My goodness, catching up on my blog reading it felt like high school all over again, everyone bragging about the party they got to attend, and pooh-pooh to you if you didn't get an invite, lol.

That's okay, I have my own little secret. Wanna know it? Okay, come closer...here goes...

I don't like quilting

Now, before you all start sending me hate mail, I'm not trash talking quilting, I'm just saying that me, personally, I don't really care for it, not very interested in it, don't really get all the cutting things up into teensy little squares and triangles. Its just not my style, that's all.

So where do I wish I could have been last week?

Atlanta. The Fox Theatre. Wicked just wrapped up a run there. *Sigh* I really wish I could have gone, but sadly, it was just not to be. The show will be in Birmingham in April and I am definitely making plans to catch it then!

Until then, you are listening to Defying Gravity, as performed by the original Broadway cast members, Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel.  Aren't they just AWESOME !??! 

, again.

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