Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Emails, Scams, Books, Lack of time, and other bits of randomness...

WARNING- the song playing over there on the right is not g-rated!  If you are easily offended or children can hear, please mute.

Emails will be the death of me!  I just realized last night that I've lost several hundred emails over the last few weeks- the perils of having 4 emails and trying to juggle forwarding them when life interrupts business, and someone has to be out of the office.  GRRR.  I'm stuck emailing everyone with an order today, in the hopes that if they've emailed us, they don't think they are being ignored.  Great way to have to waste the day, when I have so much to do in the studio and am *this* close to being all caught up.  Ick.

Actual emails, those get lost in cyberspace, but what makes it through?  Stuff like this:

Good Day I am MR.SONG LILE, I work with the Hang Seng Bank,I need your assistance in effecting a transaction worth $30.5m I intend to give 30% of the total funds as compensation for your assistance.respond to my private email: 1. Full names 2. Private phone number 3. Current residential address Kind Regards, Mr Song Lile Email:

Really?  People still fall for this scam?  Its annoying that certain members of the human race can be so devoid of ...what?  A conscience?  A soul?  Makes me sick.

In other, unrelated news, I got a brief moment (during the girls gymnastics class) to start a new book.

I'd seen it mentioned somewhere on a milblog, then the ladies at Army WIfe Talk Radio had the author on their show, and I have to confess, the cover looked cool, so I decided to try and find time to read it.  So far (and admittedly, I've only made it to page 60 so far) I'm very glad that I did.

On page 15 you find out that the author used to work at the Life Cafe (hence the song playing, lol!)- she's an Army Officer's wife at West Point and she used to work in the Life Cafe- I mean, come on, you have to just know there's a great story there. 

So far, its a fabulous read, and the author is incredibly funny, witty, succinct and dead on- her description of the catty way in which Army Wives can sometimes (too often, really) treat each other:

"It's the classic judgment-go-round concealed in camouflage and wrapped in the flag."

I'll have to try and post a review of the entire book when I finish it (someday!).  Oh well, back to the emails for me....

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