Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Plans...

Everything, has its peaks and valleys- life, love, business, politics...everything.  Recovering from Christmas and trying to feel inspired was definitely a low point for me, I must admit.  Running a business while trying to run a household, raise kids, have a life, deal with the Army- its exhausting!  Sometimes you just have to wait for the inspiration to hit, and then....BAM!.... You are back on top of Mount Subasio, just like that! 


So what is it, you ask?

Sorry....I can't give that away just yet, lol.

But it's good, I PROMISE.  I love it when I can get clarity on something, wrap my brain around it, develop a plan, a to do list, a plan of action.

I promise I'll share lots of hints as it develops.  Until then, get up, get loose and get into the groove (courtesy of some old school Madonna, if you turn your speakers up).

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