Sunday, July 13, 2008

Accomplishments for last week and my schedule for this week

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this past week. On the business side of things, we introduced a new product, the HUGS bear, we added font choices and embroidery designs to the website.

On the non-business side, Sophie learned to tell her left from her right (a pretty big accomplishment for a 21 month old, says the proud mom!), we visited some friends over the weekend, had some GREAT food, an even better time, and the girls had a blast playing with two other girls their ages.

The (business) plan for this week is as follows:
Monday: Cut up uniforms for this weeks orders, return phone calls
Tuesday: Wallet and make up bags (My accessories seamstress is out of town, due to a family illness)
Wednesday: Stuff for the Sales Reps
Thursday-Sunday: mail the next 48 purses ready this week (we'll see if I can get them ALL in the mail by Monday)
It actually a pretty full week, so I will stay off the computer (except for checking emails) and check back in a week, see if I got everything done I have planned!

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