Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Small things, Random things...

On Sunday, while trying to adjust the tension on the bobbin case of my embroidery machine, I loosened the screw a teensy bit too much, and it fell out. Well, it is SUPER tiny, see?

(Totally just grabbed this picture off Google, I was too lazy to take one myself!)

I looked and looked, but it was lost! So I wasn't able to run the embroidery machine for 3 days! I'm a little behind now, but I was able to get a replacement screw today and am back in business. Note to all you sewers out there: Next time you are at the sewing shop, consider picking up a spare one of these. They cost about $1, and its really good to have an extra one, just in case!
My husband's birthday is just over 3 weeks away, and I was able to get him a really great present this year, and I am super excited! Plus, its killing him not knowing what it is. I won't say, just in case (out of desperation) he actually reads this (he usually doesn't, but you can't be too careful!).

My birthday is exactly one week after his, and this is what I want:

to replace my iphone that I broke (I know, sigh). It still works when its plugged into the computer, but there's a dent at the top, where the OFF button is, and it tends to turn off and not turn back on. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a cell phone if it only works when you are at home, lol.

I also got to talk with another purse maker on Monday- thanks so much for the call, it was good to chat and "clear the air" so to speak.

And in one last bit of random news for the day, the actress from Top Gun had a birthday today (I heard it on the radio). I was only seven when this movie came out, but weren't 80's movies the best??? Before Tom Crusie went all wacky, and when a movie could be cheesy and cool at the same time...

I just remember she was SO gorgeous!!

I didn't end up with a naval aviator, but my price charming is a sailor turned army, close enough for me!!

Goodnight all...

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