Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When life gives you lemons....


I know its cheesy, but its really true. My 4 year old helped me remember this one today. Our household goods have been in storage for almost 6 months now, and seems like everyday, Sydney remembers one of her toys that she doesn't have with her now. Last week it was her toy shopping cart, today it was her dollhouse. But instead of complaining, she proceeded to just make a new one:

She played with this for hours today, and was so PROUD of her handiwork. I just love how creative she is already. She is getting her first haircut tomorrow, so that is why we bought her all the little hair clips, lol!

This is a little boys lounge set that went out yesterday. I am without my serger (household goods, again), so I had to use french seams- more time consuming, but the final product has a more boutique quality that way.

And not to be outdone, while I had the camera out, my youngest had to get in on the action. Her curls are finally starting to grow!

How can you not just love that face?

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